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About Us

Thank you for checking out Frosted Mini Trucks!


We are a family-owned business that has been selling mini trucks for a few years and loving every minute of it.  We got started selling mini-trucks because we were looking for something to use on our farm during the winter that wouldn't guzzle gas. After getting a quote for some upgrades to our UTV we realized a mini-truck was not only a better deal... it was also a better solution for the cold winter weather here in North Dakota!

We use these trucks DAILY. And we're not talking "oh let's go take one out for a demo this weekend"...  we use them harder than most!  From pulling them to fields, checking cows, hauling mineral, driving to town, getting groceries, fixing fence,  hunting, or ice fishing... we know what these mighty mini trucks can do and that's why we'd love to get you one.

Our goal is to get you the truck you want at a decent price so that you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of these awesome machines. We keep things simple to keep costs down and our hope is that if you are looking for a mini truck in North Dakota & the surround area you'll come to us for a test drive and find the perfect truck for you. 


We know that everyone has their own reason for owning a mini-truck and we're here to help you get the features you need! Whether you're looking for a part we need to ship in, tires, a snow blade, front or rear receiver hitches, lift kits, stronger springs or tracks... we'll help you get set up right.


Frosted Mini Trucks sources and sell trucks from Japan including  brands like Suzuki, Nissan, Daihatsu (Toyota), Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Honda. We are an authorized Mattracks dealer for track systems and mount 6 way snowdogg blades and blackline plows as well. 


We can help deliver or meet you on the road, with experience sending trucks to South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, and to the rocky mountains of Colorado.  




We can get ND off-road titles just like atv's or side by sides.

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